Future improvements

Features of EvalCOMIX 4.1

  • Interface improved:
    • Scroll Buttons: In the editing interface of assessment tools, the attributes, sub-dimensions and dimensions of the tools include scroll buttons that allow reorganization within it. For Mixed type tools, formed by the union of N assessment tools, also incorporates scroll buttons to a higher level allowing the rearrangement of the tools that form it.
    • Viewing of percentages: The interface of assessment of tools shows the evaluator (student or teacher) the percentage value of each element of evaluation: attributes, sub-dimensions, dimensions and, in the case of mixed tools, simple tools that form it.
    • Printing of assessments: the interface of assessment tools adds a new button that allows evaluators and students evaluated print all details of their assessments.
    • Adding of descriptive titles: The interface of  assessment of tools shows descriptive titles with information about the student and the object of evaluation (Moodle activity).
    • Nicer and more informative error messages.
    • Safer:
      • Increased coding and transparency: The components of the API of web service receive all sensitive data encrypted and more transparent to all users.
      • Improving Access Controls: Access to EvalCOMIX through Moodle is encapsulated within containers of Moodle and inherits the high security of the system.
      • Improving performance:
        • Using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML): The interface of assessment of tools allows to store assessments and calculate grades in the background which enhances the interactivity, speed and usability of the assessment process.
        • Shorter Load times: Improved performance in generating Gradebook in Assessment Activities section of  EvalCOMIX block.
        • Easier Installation:
          • Setup wizard: The EvalCOMIX integration block in Moodle now includes a configuration screen that let system administrator integrate EvalCOMIX with Moodle and check for proper communication between them.

Future features of EvalCOMIX 4.2 and integration block with Moodle

  • Reporting the degree of competence development of students
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Design of assessment tools from predesigned instruments
  • Anonymity in assessment mode: Teacher Assessment - TA.
  • Improvements oriented system usability.