Future improvements

Features of EvalCOMIX Server 4.2 and EvalCOMIX_MD 4.3

  • Compatibility with PHP 7

  • Improved interface:

    • Color marks: in the specific student edition interface of the peer evaluation function, a color mark has been added to distinguish a specific student.

    • Vertical scroll bar: in the evaluation table interface, the vertical scroll bar has been added to the popup that is displayed when you click on the activities in the table header, allowing access to all the content of the activities

  • More security:

    • Greater coding and transparency: The components of the web service API receive all sensitive data with greater coding and transparently for all users.

    • More protection against XSS attacks: Improved filtering, validation and debugging of parameters and data received, allowing better prevention against XSS attacks (Cross Site Scripting)

  • Improvement in internationalization: Now, it allows to support any language

Future features of EvalCOMIX and EvalCOMIX_MD

  • Reporting the degree of competence development of students
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Design of assessment tools from predesigned instruments
  • Anonymity in assessment mode: Teacher Assessment - TA.
  • Improvements oriented system usability.