For some time now, Learning Management Systems (LMS), also known as Virtual Learning Environments (VLM), have been used in the learning process, at different levels. These systems include Moodle and LAMS.

At present, however, the LMS evaluation system has certain limitations. For example, it isn't easy to implement self-assessment and peer review processes, especially when the intention is to carry out the assessment of functional knowledge, as conceptualised by Biggs and Tang (one that refers to actions related to the application of knowledge to the professional field).

A web service is presented here that has been developed under the approach to position technology for use in pedagogy: EvalCOMIX. It has been developed with the objective of facilitating the design of assessment instruments, in line with the new trends in evaluation and the use of these tools by the students.

EvalCOMIX enables you to perform two types of activities. First, the design and management of assessment tools. The types of tools that can be created are: Rating scale, Rating Scales + Checklist, Checklists, Rubrics, Semantic Differential and Mixed Instruments.

Secondly, integrated within an e-learning environment (Moodle, LAMS, ..), it allows the tools to be used at the time of undertaking the assessment. The methods of assessment referred in EvalCOMIX include teacher assessment, student self-assessment and peer assessment.

The development of EvalCOMIX began with the EvalCOMIX Project [1], continued with the EvalHIDA projects [2], FLEXO I and FLEXO II [3] and its usefulness was tested by means of the project Re-Evalúa [4]. It is currently in its exploitation phase.

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[1] Proyecto EvalCOMIX - Evaluación de competencias en un contexto de aprendizaje mixto (blended-learning). Financiado por el Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Ref: EA2007-0099).
[2] Proyecto EvalHIDA - Evaluación de Competencias con Herramientas de Interacción Dialógica Asíncrona (foros, blogs y wikis). Financiado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Ref: EA2008-0237).
[3] FLEXO I (Ref. TSI-020301-2008-19) y FLEXO II (Ref. TSI-020301-2009-09): Desarrollo de aprendizaje adaptativo y accesible en sistemas de código abierto. Financiados por el subprograma AVANZA I+D.
[4] Proyecto de excelencia Re-Evalúa - Reingeniería de la e-Evaluación, tecnologías y desarrollo de competencias en profesores y estudiantes universitarios. Financiado por la Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa de la Junta de Andalucía (Ref. P08-SEJ-03502).